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ACEDE is a human capital management company present in Europe, South America, Africa and the Middle East directly or through partners. We work with corporations, government agencies and non-profit organizations.

ACEDE is a company specialized in several areas of Business, namely in the Metalworking, Logistics, Industrial Maintenance, Naval Maintenance, Civil Construction, Automotive Sector, Energy, Services, Hotel Sector, Catering and Agriculture.

What makes us different

OUR TEAM, individual effort to achieve collective excellence
This is what makes ours, yours, society work

Portuguese Capital

We are a Portuguese company competing in a global market.
We compete with international companies with unequal prices, but with remarkable advantages in service quality.
Our share capital is entirely Portuguese.
Our activity and our investment revert in the Portuguese economy as a whole: taxes, social contributions, fees, patrimony.

Market Knowledge

As a Portuguese company operating in the Portuguese market since 1995, we know the bureaucratic, social and industrial idiosyncrasies.
We have a wide Database, with thousands of applicants from different Countries and Sectors.
The experience and success stories of ACEDE and its consultants, combined with knowledge of the best market practices, allows the design of the best solutions according to the needs of the client, whether is private, public or social. As a Global company, ACEDE is present all over the world, preforming specialized services to national and international clients with qualified workforce and services of excellence.


ACEDE uses an information system specially designed to allow a better management of projects and reduction of time response compared to competitors' averages.
The level of detail of our applicants' profiles in the Database allows us to reduce the error between the desired profile and the Exchange created for Client selection.
We transform fixed costs into variables, reducing uncertainty in the level of the Client's future costs.
Our consultants work with specific sectors to ensure a perfect understanding of the activity and improve communication with the Client.


We live in a global market where we must compete with multinational groups. The supply is increasingly standardized. However, HR are the biggest capital of companies. People matter, we always look for their professional and personal value.
We all have the responsibility to contribute for a better society. This awareness of organizational citizenship increases when our activity affects the future of people. We want to support companies and initiatives that promote this well-being.
In a market in crisis, the rules are diluted between the needs of the Clients and the survival of the suppliers but we do not believe in growth at any cost. We want to offer solutions with added value for Clients.


Temporary Job

  • Job Description analysis and profile specification
  • Retribution plan design
  • Cost optimization
  • Recruitment - internal & external mobility
  • Selection of applicants
  • Contract management
  • Replacement Programs


  • Outsourcing of part or all of the process/business support functions (BPO, ACE)
  • Knowledge Outsourcing of a primary process, in part or in whole process (IT, training)
  • Contract management
  • Concession - of all process, management and operation


  • HR Systems Audits
  • Survey, analysis and redesign of human capital management processes
  • Design of retribution policies (compensation and benefits).
  • Job Description analysis and design / profiles
  • Training Programs
  • Succession Plans
  • Downsizing and spin-off design
  • Merger/Acquisition Support

Recruitment and Selection

  • Job Description analysis and profile specification
  • Recruitment - actions to attract applicants
  • Selection - data analysis, interviews, tests, cross references.
  • Side contracts - of the competition
  • Skills retention programs
  • Integration / Replacement

Executive Search

  • Talent management only for middle level positions: director, highly specialized functions