About Us

How we operate

We live in a world where knowledge advances at ever shorter time lines, which translates into new technologies and practices. The functions sought go far beyond generalist functions that are being automated and focus on specialists with high technological and language skills. At the same time, the relocation of the production of products and services has increased the need for mobility of these skills.

We believe that the growth of the global market will always be faster than the demanding and time-consuming training of professionals, leaving always a gap between demand and supply. This misalignment will continue to create opportunities in the HR sector.

To offer services of excellence in human capital management, maximizing the clients results and the professionals' careers. Guide the offer towards integrated solutions that respond to all the clients needs. Size the talent according to the desired result and the clients’ resources.

Be present in our clients’ markets, not only to immediately respond to the opportunities and identified obstacles, but also to follow up closely the implementation of the solutions.

Proficiency: find the best solutions for clients through teams that master all the dimensions of the challenges and how to convert them into success cases.

Passion: work with enthusiasm and business sense, always looking for the best professional and personal results.

Ethics: respect the rights and multicultural differences of all involved: clients, suppliers, professionals and other stakeholders. Maintain confidentiality about the information shared in projects.

Wherever our Clients are located, regardless of the size of their organizations, we solve all your HR service needs at the desired location. We analyze the needs together with the Clients, design the appropriate solutions to them and provide the awarded services.

Our activity is based on the concept of specialization in the sectors, with a qualified Technical Staff with high experience. We aim to transfer “Know – How” within the areas of specialization, contributing to solutions that provide gains in the productivity and profitability of our customers."


The set of good practices that guide us


  • Kickoff meeting for validation of needs.
  • Appropriation of all needed information for the perfect definition of the profiles.
  • Evaluation and selection of the contractual model at the level of financial efficiency and operational effectitiveness for the Client.
  • Presentation of the different interlocutors needed throught the project.


Consultant dedicated to the Client and responsible for the services provided by ACEDE.
Single point of contact, at no additional cost, to address all issues with the Client.
Aware of operational needs, and possibly the underlying strategy, will be responsible for the project.
With an understanding of the Client's activity and the market, it will be supported by the project management methodology, the information system, the industry's best practices, and the entire ACEDE team and experience.


Definition of a Recruitment Plan according to the objectives and conditions set by the Client.
Identify the profiles and respective skills for the intended functions.
Creation of a ACEDE Database of applicants (with tens of thousands of national and foreign applicants) and campaigns in different recruitment channels (Media, internet, referrers, universities).
Screening by ACEDE recruitment specialists’ team (interviews, references).
Selection of candidates by the Client.


Promote integration into the teams in the spirit of cooperation with other workers.
Understanding of Clients’ standards and protocols.
Customer orientation, results and values.
The reception of candidates may require training (technical and/or behavioral).
Response to individual needs whenever indispensable.


By ACEDE Consultant but always in team with the Client.
Commercial: evaluation and response to new needs.
Operational: scales, replacements, performance optimization, training, support to selected candidates.
Legal: contracts, guarantees, insurance, medical exams.
Financial: billing and payments.
Control: regular meetings (to be set at the beginning of the project), management indicators and reports.

Activity Sectors

Our know how in management of human resources in various sectors of activity is undoubtedly
a differentiating element from the common Temporary Work Companies.
We are present in:


Green Energies

Naval Maintenance

Industrial Maintenance

Electricity and Instrumentation


Hotel and Catering





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